Introduced a New Channel and generated a $17,500 LTV deal

Looking to explore new outbound strategies, this procurement company wanted a streamlined lead generation process that would integrate with their team, we generated 9 SQLs and 17,500 in one week.


Underwhelming Previous Marketing Channels: Despite dedicating resources to various marketing channels, the company had struggled to translate its efforts into concrete results. Their investments in paid Facebook advertising had failed to deliver the expected outcomes.

Identifying the Right Audience: Central to their mission was identifying the most receptive audience within the dental industry. This audience comprised small-group practice owners, office managers, and private practices.


Our team developed a precise marketing strategy involving tailored campaigns, audience segmentation, and compelling messaging to address the challenges effectively.

Results Achieved

  • Consistent Pipeline Growth

Within just one week of launching our campaigns, the medical supplies procurement company secured nine promising sales opportunities. These opportunities marked a significant departure from their previous marketing endeavors and underscored the efficacy of our approach.

Quick Close Won: Out of the 9 New Opportunities one became a close won with a LTV of $17,500

Automated Sales Funnel: Our outbound initiatives achieved an impressive 4.35% response rate, underscoring our ability to connect effectively with the target audience and foster meaningful interactions

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