31 Brokerage Seller Leads with a Pipeline Value of $620,000

At a glance:

In the dynamic world of a business brokerage, our client sought to overcome the challenges of balancing various aspects of their business while ensuring a steady influx of high-quality leads. buying price for their clients. This case study unveils the strategy we devised and the remarkable results achieved in just five weeks.


  • Inconsistent Lead Flow: Without a steady stream of qualified leads, their growth potential was limited.
  • Time Constraints: They were stretched thin, managing multiple aspects of their business, leaving little time for dedicated lead generation efforts.


Using a list that they purchased, our team developed a precise marketing strategy involving tailored campaigns, and compelling messaging to address the challenges effectively.

Pipeline growth

Within 5 weeks of launching our campaigns, this business broker secured 31 promising sales opportunities, filling his pipeline in the process.

New Sales Channel

Historically difficult to generate new seller leads from outbound sales, we were able to give him a process that may be used to create sales additional opportunities in the future

Automated Sales Funnel

Our outbound initiatives achieved an impressive 7.29% response rate, underscoring our ability to connect effectively with the target audience and foster meaningful interactions

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